Grains acquisition and sales

Global and regional grains purchasing and sales, offering fair prices.


International grains trade

Grains trade worldwide, mainly in Europe, North & South America and Middle East.


Grains and oilseeds transportation

All types of transportation, road, rail, river and sea in best and safest conditions.

Ask for price offer

Ask for price offer

Holleman Agro, a Romanian-German company, offers full service, from trade, storage and transportation of grains, ensuring efficiency in costs and allocated time:

  • Grain and oilseeds purchase at competitive prices;

  • Grain trade, worldwide;

  • Ensuring internal road transports with own trucks and rail transportation;

  • Organizing international river and sea transports, with the ability to retrieve cargo from Danube and Constanta ports;

  • Grain storage in silos located in strategic agriculture areas.

The team consists of people with experience and know-how, passionate and dedicated to their daily activities, provides assistance and support throughout the collaboration.

We develop partnerships based on values ​​focused on our customer satisfaction: professionalism, reliability, flexibility and quality.

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